Phu Quoc is the favorite beach spot for almost all travelers who are doing the big Vietnam tour. So it was the same for us, we decided to leave for last, the visit of the island, because in that way we could take a break and relax from our trip. The island is quite developed […]

I love storytelling especially when I need to talk about such a small and magical places, like the village of Tam Coc. Tam Coc is actually a small village located in the Ninh Binh region about 100 km from the capital Hanoi. Usually, most of the tourists are opting for a one-day excursion from Hanoi. […]

The Halong Bay is definitely one of the most touristic places in Vietnam. The Bay since 1994 is under UNESCO and is one of the new 7 world natural wonders. There are about 2000 limestone islands. The literal meaning of the word Ha Long is “the place where the dragon descends into the sea”. How it […]

A brief history of Hoi An The city in the 17th and 18th centuries was one of the most important ports in Southeast Asia, and that’s why various merchants from different countries (Chinese, Japanese, Dutch) passed by and some of them decided to build their houses here. That is why this city is known for […]

Ho Chi Minh or as many people still call it with the old name of Saigon, with its 8 million inhabitants is the largest city in Vietnam. 8 million people plus two or three motorbikes per person and you will realize that there is a really big number of motorbikes and people. And indeed the […]

Cambodia is the second country that we visited in Southeast Asia. It offers a lot of interesting places to visit, but still the most famous is Angkor Wat. You will have a really unique experience walking between the temples that are everywhere around, even through the huge roots of the trees. As you move from […]

Turin is one of the biggest cities in the north part of Italy. It was the first capital of Italy and home of the Italy’s royal family Savoia. Today Turin is also very famous, not only because of being industrial city but also because of the rich history and culture and the huge offer of […]

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, with “only” 7 million people. I am coming from a country with 2 million people, so this was definitely a really chaotic place to stay for me. Our flight from and to Vietnam was right from here. Mostly all the international flights to Vietnam are to Hanoi or Ho […]

In this post I will suggest you my top 5 vegan and vegetarian dishes from our Macedonian traditional food  Have you ever heard that traveling in the Balkans sometimes can be difficult especially for vegan people? Maybe yes, but not in Macedonia. In Macedonia you will find vegan or vegetarian version of almost all traditional […]

If your next destinations are Vietnam and Cambodia and you are wondering where to stay and which place to book than you should read this post. This was our choice and we are more than satisfied 🙂 1.The number 1 is for Pu Luong Retreat, located in the National Park of Pu Luong, great choice […]