Kratovo is a perfect destination for photography lovers. Here you will find amazing nature, architecture, people and food. One day is more than enough to discover this beautiful Macedonian city. Enjoy and get inspired with this beautiful photo story.    

The best way to arrive to Kratovo is by car or by bus. By bus it will take around two hours and there are few daily buses going from the capital Skopje to Kratovo. The price of two ways ticket is around 5 euro, and you can find the timetable on this website  Kratovo is […]

If you are traveling to Macedonia, you should definitely put these top 10 Macedonian dishes on your list. Here you can find food for each taste, almost all of these traditional specialties can have also a vegetarian/vegan version. The Macedonian cuisine is mostly based on meat and vegetables.  1. Tavce Gravce – baked beans, this dish can […]

  Kavadarci is a city in the Tikves region, in the central part of Macedonia. There is a possibility to make a daily trip from Skopje. There are few buses going there during the day (check and one day will be enough to explore the city, visit the largest artificial lake in Macedonia – […]

Milan is a very big and touristic city, most of the people always choose to see the most famous attraction in the city, but here you can read something more about some different and unique places in Milan. 1. Villa Necchi Campiglio – designed by the architect Piero Portaluppi. Villa Necchi is located in via […]

Copenhagen is great destination for a day or weekend trip. The city is not so big and almost everything is walking distance. My 24 hours trip in Copenhagen was dedicated to visit some of the most famous tourist attractions in the town, try some local food, drink a coffee and walking down the streets with […]

If one day you decide to travel to Brazil you should know that the most beautiful beaches in this country are in the regions of Alagoas and Pernambuco. Here you can find my top 10    1.Praia de Antunes   2. Japaratinga 3. Mirante do Praia de Gunga 4. Sao Miguel dos Milagros 5. Praia de […]

Rio de Janeiro – which is also known as Cidade Maravilhosa – wonderful city. I knew that it was wonderful, but now, I am convinced. Rio is urban jungle, surrounded by hills, rainforest, paradise beaches and ocean. Combination of extreme poverty and luxury, and the line that divides these two realities is really thin. A […]

Sao Paulo or as locals call it “Sampa” is the most populous city in all South America – about 12 million people. The city is economic and business center, lot of Brazilians told me that there is nothing particular to see here, but we had our flight back to Europe from Sampa so we decided […]

The fact that on January 1st at 6 am we needed to arrive from Copacabana (which was literally isolated, blocked and no car access due to the celebration of New Year’s Eve) to the airport, can confirm that our trip around Brazil wasn’t easy at all. Fortunately the taxi were allowed to pass through the […]