Our trip to Sahara desert was organized by ourselves, we decided to avoid the standard tours for tourists. From Fez there is a night bus to get to Merzouga, the trip takes about 10 hours with breaks, and arrives in the desert early in the morning around 6 am, one way ticket costs 170 dihrams […]

To get to Essaouira from Marrakesh by bus you need around 3 hours, with 30 minutes break. Return ticket will cost 120 dihrams , the first bus with the CTM company is at 8 am. The bus station in Essaouira is quite close to the center and it can be reached on foot. Essaouira is […]

How to arrive Marrakesh is well connected to several cities in Morocco, has rail and bus transport. For example bus from Ouarzazate to Marrakesh cost 85 dihram and there are more buses during the day, we caught the bus at 23:30 and arrived in Marrakesh around 3:40 in the morning. From Fez and Casablanca there […]

If you ever read Heidi and if you ever wonder if there really exist such a beautiful place, the answer is yes, there is and is located about 3 hours driving from Venice. Santa Maddalena is a small village situated on the Dolomites near the Italian – Austrian border. The easiest way to get to this place […]